Avalon: Beyond the Retreat

ABTR (1)Follow Mike and the rest of his survivalist group as they fight to rebuild a world torn apart and gain control of a humanity lost in desperation, suffering, and hopelessness. Their nemesis, Bone Breaker, returns with a vengeance and puts the group once more in jeopardy.

Having had several earlier skirmishes and months of preparation, Bone Breaker and his crew of biker thugs know they’ll have their revenge on those farmer hicks this time! But Mike Reynolds and Sam Wolchak, two of the so-called “farmers,” are ready for the next battle with these would-be dirtbag overlords.

Meanwhile, a military convoy sets out from Oregon and heads down the coast to California. Losing many along the way, some are killed by evil doers among the carnage and mayhem, and others abandon their posts to try and find their families. Eventually meeting up with Mike Reynolds and his band of survivors, the ultimate test is yet to come.

Can they conquer the motorcycle murderers and thieves or will they fall to the outlaws?

One thing is clear: the future of a new America depends on them.

The Avalon Series incorporates real survivalist skills to help prepare you for that fateful day when catastrophe strikes. It could very well be sooner than you think! Are you prepared?

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